The birthday of my best friend ...

.. has given me some headache - what should I give to her? Last year I gave her a voucher for her preferred spa / cosmetic place. Difficult to be topped. Her birthday is tomorrow and since mine is on sunday, we decided that instead of presents, we will spend an evening on the riverfront (yes we have a beach area) and make a picnic and have some champagne. Time is the best gift.

Nevertheless, I had already bought a book for her (the latest one from Minette Walters in german - she loves that writer) - and of course I made her a necklace. While I started off with everything symmetrical at my bead beginnings, I can't do it anymore right now. I love to find the balance of an asymmetrical piece and haven't made anything else in months. But she does not like that. So I tried a little symmetry again. How do you like it? I think she will enjoy it. It includes light and dark wood beads, red glass beads, green chita gemstones, and a few different seed beads.

I wire wrapped the chain and the clasp (that's what I do when I have absolutely no inspiration left in my brain - I can sit for hours and make wire wrapped chain). I came up with this "chain design" if you want to call it like that (I am sure somebody has done something similar before) - it's easy to make and it looks pretty cute I find. I have some left, so that will probably go into a piece for me. Maybe for the bead soup.

4 Response to "The birthday of my best friend ..."

  1. steufel Says:

    Klasse geworden. Sie hat sich bestimmt wahnsinnig gefreut!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Your best friend is lucky! What a gorgeous necklace - I love the wire wrapped chain you have made :-)

  3. Pretty Things Says:

    love it!

  4. Kella Says:

    What a beautiful necklace, what a lucky friend.