Bead Soup Party 2 - Reveal Day 7

Only one more day to go. And good news - I am working on a new piece to be posted soon. I need to admit that it is not one from my left over bead soup, but a necklace I will make for a colleague and friend of mine. We were on a business trip to Detroit last year and I sucked her into the beauty of Michael's.... although she does not even know how to string a bead, she bought quite a few elements that have been sitting in her closet since then. So yesterday I wore one of the bracelets she made, and she said she wants to buy it (also good news). And then she pulled out her Michael's treasures (which immediately make me start to drool, since I am dieing to go back there - which are by the way really not my style, but anyways), and what a surprise I had my tools with me and started a piece but I was missing the right things to get the necklace done. We will have a combined Nick & Nicki birthday party next friday, and will have some people over for a BBQ - but the garden and the house are a mess, so I am afraid that the weekend will be reserved for that. But maybe I get to finish it today, if baby will have a cooperative lunch time nap.

In the meantime - the second last bead soup reveal:

72. Cindy, Cindy Dolezal Designs
73. Valerie, Hot Art
74. Courtney, Beads by Breul
75. Johanna, Fire Phoenix Creations
76. Shea, gr8findings
77. Julie, Pryce Designs
78. Jeannie, Jeannie's Blog
79. Patricia, Verre Design
80. Christa, Adventures of One Beady Woman
81. Heather, My Muse
82. Susan, Night Beader at Large
83. Sonja, Drachenei
84. Jennifer, Glass Addictions by Jennifer

1 Response to "Bead Soup Party 2 - Reveal Day 7"

  1. Cathryn Says:

    Nicki--Thanks again for this--I'm swamped with students' papers that this provided me the perfect break in between! I also got this set in early this morning before I started with grading! *Zen Hugs*