The Birthday Party

Today is the day we will have THE party. My birthday was on June 13th, and Nick's is today. And I am not kidding - we have almost spent a week to get the house & garden into a condition where it is acceptable. I know, my friend always says "the value of a clean house is usually overestimated by the people who live there" - which is really true. But I need to say it was necessary. Plus when you ask my dear birthday-husband, cleaning actually had to start with powerwashing and oiling the deck which caused a major mess on our windows to the backyard..... etc. Domino effect.

But we have a veggie garden right now. I know most of you guys are harvesting already, but it just turned warm over here.

I gave Nick a small table which can also be used as a cooler (put ice cubes in - perfect for the party). And a heating for the terasse, ok not needed in the summer, but he was really happy about it. So all that is left to do for today is shopping, prep the table, and vacuum (once baby wakes up, yes I have the kind of baby that does not wake up before 11 am - yay).

So here is what I got for my birthday:

  • A Dremel Multitool (this thing can do everything from sanding to drilling to engraving - Dremel heaven)

  • A Dremel Versaflame (which we actually used already when I met with Stefanie last - I am so in love with the thing, I can't wait to get me fireproof board tomorrow. Plus I can finally try out enameled beads and headpins)

  • A wonderful handsewn recycled leather purse from Lori at Waterstone (plus a gift from her - one earring - the second one fell out of the bag but she is sending it)

      • A metalsmithing class

      • A crafting class of my choice

      • Beads from Michael's (I miss you, Michael's), a beading magazine and a cooking magazine

      • A purple scarf and a voucher for a champagne picnic

      • Today's BBQ (organized by my colleagues - although there is a lot left for me to do)

      Cool list, huh? I have not taken pictures of most of the stuff - but I will show you some in the posts to come. Happy B-day to us. I can't imagine that another year has passed, since I was sitting in the sun on the beach of Naxos Island, Greece, with my pregnant belly, making some jewelry.

      3 Response to "The Birthday Party"

      1. Barbara Lewis Says:

        Look at it this way, you won't have to clean again until this time next year! LOL I am so with you on that! It's obvious that your loved ones really know you quite well. That list of birthday presents ... wow!

      2. Cathryn Says:

        Happy Birthday to a great couple! You were blessed with an amazing talent and love for each other!

        I envy the Dremmel tool!

      3. Cindy Says:

        Happy belated birthday, Nicki!!! That Dremel tool looks amazing! I've never seen one like it and you sure have me curious about it...