Venting Day

Here is the list of random things I posted earlier today in response to Lorelei's RANDOM post:

: I hope it rains again tomorrow, fits my mood better.
: Why can I never say no to this b.... that is just nice whenever she needs something from me
: I hope that lawyer is capable of getting this case solved for us
: The above sounds like today is venting day
: I need to drown myself into some pretty hot bath-water
: Maybe a glass of red wine will help
: If I can't do some beading later today I think I need to spend some serious money on etsy, maybe that will make me feel better
: Sorry to everybody who reads this, I will be in a better mood another day

So whether I bead or shop - I will show you something later...... and sorry for the crappy mood...

4 Response to "Venting Day"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Oh nicki, I hope tomorrow is better! Sometimes it seems like the next day can't come quick enough. Shopping/beading always helps a little though! I hope my book arrives soon. I put a little something extra in there to make you smile :-)

  2. bellajoya Says:

    Tomorrow will be always is.

  3. steufel Says:

    Oje, was ist los?

  4. kelleysbeads Says:

    I detest days where bedtime doesn't come soon enough. Hugs Nicki!