"The" Commitment (ABS Carnival Blog)

There are people that never want to be committed to anything. I am the total opposite. I am always committed to do beyond what people expect of me, even if it really goes against what I enjoy. I am committed to work (about 250%). I am committed to keep my house clean and actually continue to renovate some more parts of it. I am committed to keep my garden tidy. I am committed to show up to people’s parties even if I do not care a cent for it. And and and…..
I am committed to be the perfect mom for my baby (luckily this is a 500% commitment at least, and that’s the one I really enjoy, although it is a lot of work sometimes).

What is missing is the commitment to me. Having time to think, time to read or write a book, go swimming, or go shopping. My “me-time” was significantly reduced when baby girl arrived and changed into “us-time”. We are never separated, and I can’t imagine a day without her smile.
But, I do not want to turn into one of these moms that when their kid moves out after 18 (or hopefully more) years will realize that their entire life has disappeared. While some of my mommy-friends have totally skipped their hobbies, I made a commitment to myself to absolutely not give up beading. The “it’s too dangerous if the baby will swallow a bead” comments, I will ignore. Yes, I will pay attention but this is part of me and it needs to stay.

So my “me-and-the-beads-time” has changed in quality. I am spending a lot more time online, searching for sources, reading blogs, trying out new techniques than I have ever done before. While I was mainly buying “cheap” beads at the beginning of my “bead-career”, I am now spending all my money on art beads. I buy them and when they arrive, I safely pack them, store them, take them out the next day and look at them, and touch them. And never make anything with them, because they are too precious. But I don’t believe that this is what the art bead artists intended when they made their tiny treasures.

So for this post, I have decided to make a “non-imposed” commitment to the art beads and their artists.
Bee charm – gift from Greg and Cynthia of Green Girl Studios
Glass eggs from Kelley Wenzel
Clay and glass pendants from Artisan Clay

These are the beads that I will turn into some precious jewelry that can be actually worn by somebody and not sit in my cabinet, let’s say in a month. I know three is not many, but given the fact the baby is here, that commitment is more important, so let’s start at three. If I can do more - great.
So please come back and check if I will stay committed to myself (=baby) and the art beads.

12 Response to ""The" Commitment (ABS Carnival Blog)"

  1. Cathryn Says:

    Nicki--you are so on the right track of making sure that while you are committed to being the best mother you can be--to be sure not to neglect yourself. I know other mothers will look in askance in my direction and/or gasp in horror to my statement--but I strongly believe that if I can't be there for myself--how can I be there for my child?!?!?

    I love those beads--they are each quality beads and I'm thinking of possibilities! HA! They aren't even mine! LOL But that's what's cool about beaders--we can appreciate and dream a bit with someone else's beads!

  2. Jeannie Says:

    It's true, you do have to take care of yourself so you can care for others.
    Sounds like you're a great, committed mom for sure.
    Now, I'm going to committ to come back here if you committ to make something with those beautiful art beads.
    I'm putting you on my blog roll.

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  4. Jesica david Says:

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  5. steufel Says:

    Na, das will ich doch hoffen, dass Du den Perlen erhalten bleibst. Wir haben doch noch soviel gemeinsam vor:-) Schöner Post!

  6. missficklemedia.com Says:

    Ohhhhh! You have some of my favorites!
    Have a wonderful time creating with your new art beads!

  7. Melissa Meman Says:

    beautiful choices! Sometimes commitments to yourself are the hardest ones to keep :)

  8. cindydolezaldesigns Says:

    Absolutely, every Mom not only deserves time to themselves but I believe it is a necessity. I cherish the days my kids were at home. Now I have more time to myself and I love that too. But this weekend I'm traveling 800 miles to see my three girls.

  9. cindydolezaldesigns Says:

    Absolutely, we can only be the best moms when we take care of ourselves too. And that means time for ourselves. I cherish the time my kids were at home. Now I love my alone time. But I'm traveling 800 miles this weekend to see my three girls.

  10. Patty Says:

    Nicki - you're a wonderful, committed mom, but don't forget about *you*! The housecleaning can wait, but your creative soul needs to be fed frequently. :-)

  11. Emakaye Says:

    It is a balance for sure. I have found there is an ebb and flow to personal committment. Sometimes I get more time and other times I give more. You have the right attitude though. We must make a committment to ourselves, it is too easy to lose yourself in the busyness of life.

  12. Chris Says:

    Nicki...you are indeed correct - you DO need to remember to care for yourself, especially when you're a mom!

    And don't worry about the baby choking on the beads - my kids never did that sort of thing. Putting beads up noses and in ears, now THAT'S what MY kids did, the lil' stinkers! (FYI, they, and Mom, survived. [big grin])