My garden - Update

I have been amazed that a lot of bead blogs show garden pictures recently. It almost seems like beading people are drawn to gardening as well. Is it the color combos? The desire to create? Who knows.
Ok, not all of us are attracted by gardening. In fact, we have not planted anything in our garden in the past two years, but as we had the birthday party last week, we thought it was time this year. So here is an update of mine, mainly pictures, but I hope you will enjoy it.
The Deck
The Herb Garden
Giant Bell Peppers
Cucumbers and Tomatoes
Eggplant flowers
The flower area
The entire garden - small but we love it !

And the plant hospital!

7 Response to "My garden - Update"

  1. Says:

    Oh, your garden is magical! I wanted to walk through it so badly!
    I, unlike my creative beading friends, cannot keep a simple cactus alive and so I appreciate the effort and time you have put in here!

  2. kelleysbeads Says:

    oooooh, I loooove your garden! and the planters on the deck are fantastic!!!

  3. Cathryn Says:

    Omystars! That's a beautiful place to sit and ponder...and smell the heavenly scents of blooms...I can dream there and take a mini vacation in my mind.

    You're right--we love color!

  4. eve Says:

    Oh this looks such a lovely garden, nice and relaxing.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    I have to say, I'm with Miss FM, I'm not green fingered AT ALL and am not drawn to gardening...sitting in gardens however, on a summer's evening with a lovely cold glass of wine is another matter altogether and your garden looks like the very place to do so!

  6. Lori's Glassworks Says:

    I am also drawn to gardening; I think it is the color, design, and the magic of watching new life reaching towards the sky. Love your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  7. Barbara Bechtel Says:

    your garden looks lovely! i am envious. mine looks as a thrift store. rife with weeds and not productive. i need to be more mindful of my gardening. :(