Far from getting better

I know I sound like a broken record. Yesterday I thought everything was getting better. Today I learned that this is not the case. While one thing is going into a more positive direction, there is a new desaster that popped up, which is even worse than the first one. I was thinking if I should write it all down here, but I think nobody really wants to hear this kind of stuff.

I am moving from scared into a permanent panic mode, and the only thing that kept me a bit sane today was a large glass of red wine and some beading time. Remember that commitment thing, that I talked about in the ABS carnival blog post? Now tomorrow I should actually have my 3 designs done, but I won't. I made one today, and maybe a second one tomorrow. I think I need to rethink my commitment to myself versus the commitment to other people. But I need to say, part of the reason was that I picked my three favorite art beads / pendants, and I want to make something really special with them, not just something.

So here is the first one, that I finished today. I bought some rubber tube the other day, and yesterday this design finally came to me. It was perfectly fitting (in my mind) with Kelley's Egg. I hammered some 18g copper wire, added the tube and Kelley's egg, and did some wire-wrapping with and without seed beads. I hope you like it.

Let's see if I can get a second one done tomorrow - so maybe I am at least 66% committed to myself (would be at least better than 33%).

5 Response to "Far from getting better"

  1. Alesha Says:

    I think your bracelet is stunning!!!

    And I think that it says a lot about your character that, even in the midst of negative happenings, you are keeping the commitment that you made.

    Sometimes things look better as we move through them, just doing the "next thing" as it comes along. We can stop, and look back, and see that we have made some progress. :)

    I pray that you will be able to create something beautiful again tomorrow - and that it will be soothing to your soul to do so.


  2. steufel Says:

    Du hast das Ei ganz wundervoll in Szene gesetzt. Lass später mal telefonieren, das gefällt mir alles gar nicht, was ich da über böse Neuigkeiten lesen muss. Hugs Stefanie

  3. Barbara Bechtel Says:

    i love kelley's eggs. i really need to break down and pick some up. keep pushing forward. everything will be OK.

  4. Pretty Things Says:

    Absolutely lovely. And I'm thinking about you!

  5. kelleysbeads Says:

    Aw, Nicki. This bracelet turned out great! I love the colors of the little beads in the wire wrapping (what a great touch and how they tie in with the egg!) and the spirals of the hammered copper. Can I use your pic later this week in my blog?

    Hugs to you on getting through these difficult times. I hope they turn around for you...I know this has been a rough year so far for you and it needs to stop already!