Ever since I have seen some of Stefanie's creations (Click here to go to Stefanie's Sammelsurium), I fell in love with recycled Sari ribbon. This was not really something for me before I met her, but I just can't stop to look at the colors, thinking about the ladies that have been wearing those dresses one day.
I ordered some fair trade recycled Sari from xxxcookie a couple of weeks ago, and it finally came in today. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to start making something with them. I see them paired with chain and rough sheet metal and pearls.

I just need to do a little trial and error, since I am not really used to them, but they give me a lot of color inspiration.

I might stay inside today - it is increadibly hot outside - 38C which is about 108F. Maybe I'll taste some Sari flavor...

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  1. eve Says:

    I love using ribbon in my pieces, i love Diane Turton hand dyed silk ribbons you can find her at or at she makes gorgeous ribbons.