Mixing media

Today I thought, what the heck, I will show you some of the things I tried to make yesterday that turned me into that very unhappy mood. You ladies are my friends and family, so I guess I need to get over my ideas of "perfect at first attempt" and get some honest feedback from you.
These are two pendants I made with fabric and copper sheet. I think they actually don't look that bad in the pictures, but when I touch them, I really see all the issues. I need to make them heavier, to give them a more rich feel - maybe I try glueing the fabric on some wood first.
What do you think? Be nice with me - I know the copper does not properly cover the fabric everywhere, something I need to work on, as well as the shapes in general. But those were only the first attempts.
Stay tuned, I show you some more tomorrow.

6 Response to "Mixing media"

  1. Pretty Things Says:

    What about riveting it to more copper?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I'm no use with sheet/resin/anything like that so I'm not the best one to offer feedback - they look pretty good to me! I like the idea of rivets though. Layering is always good too!

  3. missficklemedia.com Says:

    Um, I like them as is?
    Coat the whole thing in resin, both sides! That'll add substance and weight!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Nicki...your pieces are a great start. I sure wish I could give you some tips, but I've never worked with fabric and sheet metal like this... I think this concept is great as you can use whatever fabric you like...and I do like the fabric you chose!

  5. steufel Says:

    Lass uns einfach mal Riveting probieren. Ich denke, dass ein etwas härteres Metall als Hintergrund alles stabiler machen würde. das Aussägen sollte ich ja am Wochenende lernen:-) - und einen dicken Kuss an Melli!

  6. steufel Says:

    Klasse geworden!