I can't believe it

... but I have won again. Sweetbead-Cindy was so kind to pick an additional winner for a surprise gift - and she picked: ME. I hope it is not true what they say, that if you are lucky with games, you are unlucky with love (at least they say that in my part of the world). Now I obviously can't wait to see that surprise. Surprises are the best, aren't they?
I also bought some drilled riverstones and wood beads from riverstonebead today, and some lovely lovely lampwork beads from Marieke. Will post pictures when they come in.
I prepared for some more soldering today, but could not get it finished, they day was too slow and short. We were supposed to have a BBQ with a friend, but the baby got sick, so we decided to head for a flea market instead, and went for a walk on the riverfront, followed by a visit of a beer garden afterwards (it's kind of an outdoor pub usually located in parks for those of you who don't know what a beer garden is).
Ok, will be back soon and show you what I soldered.....

3 Response to "I can't believe it"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I TOLD you we were doing well with our giveaways!! :-)

  2. Cindy Says:

    I really was happy the 2nd winner was YOU, Nicki! I hope the baby is feeling better...and looking forward to seeing more of your solering work.

  3. Barbara Lewis Says:

    You are one lucky lady! Cindy has wonderful taste ... I'm sure it will be something wonderful. And, I love Marieke's beads! Can't wait to see your creation!