Ladies, I feel your hugs

I need to say that I feel I have been lacking some close friends (real world friends) lately. But you ladies make it up 100 times. I got so much love over the past days out of blogland and I hope I will be able to give it back to you ladies one day.

Here are the results of my bead shopping (extract) in absense of creativity:

IndyJules - Copper Green Organic Bead Spacers, DIY Fillable Globe Pendant, Ink Blue Hollows, Amethyst Hollows

Yukidesigns - Acrylic Dandelion, Smokey Grey Recycled Glass, Abstract Metal Horse, Ceramic funky grey marbles

Nightowlbeads - a parliament of owls

Gems4us - white, pink and blue porcelain handpainted birds, white and sweet green handpainted owl beads

3 Response to "Ladies, I feel your hugs"

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Nicki, I WANT those organic green spacers!! And they sell the hand painted ceramic beads - the very same ones - in the bead shop which I sometimes teach at. They are very cute! I will send you some more, they're cheaper for me. Glad blogland is cheering you up somewhat!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Looks like you did some shopping therapy as you said you might! :-) I hope your mood has lifted... You bought some beautiful beads, that's for sure!

  3. Pretty Things Says:

    Shopping is so cathartic!