More metal stuff

So here are three more things that I made yesterday during my solder experiments - all messy I know, but remember I am learning..... Like any of those?

A wire-soldered turtle

One of my birds soldered on copper sheet

A copper pendant - heat patina'ed (I just love those colors)

9 Response to "More metal stuff"

  1. steufel Says:

    Wow, die Farben von dem letzten sind ja der Hammer. Toll.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Wow, I just love the colours in the heat patinated piece, I can't imagine how that works! So impressed with all your soldering.

  3. Barbara Lewis Says:

    I love your darling designs and the soldering isn't half bad! Keep it up ... it can only get better. But these are great results for someone just starting out.

  4. Pretty Things Says:

    I adore turtles. Zack and I wanted to get a water turtle but my husband was less than fond of the idea. He didn't like the idea of reptiles carrying salmonella, didn't want to clean the cage (which I can understand), and thought the cat might disrupt. So we go to the aquarium and watch our favorite 3-legged sea turtle that was rescued.

  5. bellajoya Says:

    I am definitely guilty of being one of those none-commenting followers. I still enjoy reading your blog everyday and watching your journey as you learn new techniques and skills. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to followers. I remember when I started blogging I thought no one would ever stop by! It's been an interesting journey and I've enjoyed it and I've learned a lot regardless of who leaves me comments. It's really only been about the last 7-8 mos. that anyone has really been saying anything. Keep up the good work with your jewelry and keep tellin' us about it. We may not say much, but we're out here, and we're listening!

  6. Copper Diem Says:

    those are all super neat! I love how you are making animals!

  7. Libby Leuchtman Says:

    Just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog!
    You are so right, practice it the way to go, and I need to do exactly what you are doing, practicing my soldering. I still need to read the metal better and find that sweet spot. I should know better it the same with making glass beads. Practice, practice, practice.

  8. John Says:

    I really like the bird on the copper disc. It has nice color and I could see all kinds of possiblities with that piece.

  9. Cindy Says:

    Nicki, you are making wonderful progress...thank you for sharing your work and adventures in metal with us!