I promise to show soldered stuff later today

Ok it seems like I have a serious problem. Actually two. One is next to me caughing (aka Baby Girl), and the other one is upstairs sneezing (aka sick boyfriend). Both keep me from doing stuff with my beads and my solder. I am quite freaked out about it, because remember my commitment post and the three projects in one month? That month ends the 31st - today is July 24th and I have not started one single of them. Plus that post that I prepared about two weeks or so, and I just need to get a couple more items soldered and take pictures to put it live. But nothing will stop me today. You get the solder post later today, I promise.

2 Response to "I promise to show soldered stuff later today"

  1. eve Says:

    Hi Nicki just getting back about the enameling, I use mapp gas and 80mesh enamels thomson enamels, i have to sent to america for these as no where in britain seems to sell thomson enamels, hope this helps, and the copper i use i buy copper pipe which i cut and flaten myself. copper is from a hardware store.

  2. steufel Says:

    Gute Besserung an die Beiden!