I need water

It's so hot in here, outside, everywhere. They announced thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. I can't wait for them - I think I will go outside in the rain if they ever happen. So I locked myself up inside the house and made a bracelet. It is fairly simple, but I like it. It's pretty blue - I really need some cold water.

I realize I have not made necklaces in a long time - all the stuff on my jewelry display are kind of old. So I have one in the pipeline - and it looks like I will finally use some sari ribbon in there - just need to find some matching lampwork beads in my stash....

I made a pasta-salad with mango, sugar peas, and an indian curry dressing, and also a fruit salad for tonight. Germany will play in the world cup to win the third place (hopefully) and we will watch the game with a little BBQ over at my friends place (outside - ouf).

5 Response to "I need water"

  1. Almost Precious Says:

    Blues are great cooling colors for this hot summer weather. I'll look forward to seeing your necklace using the Sari ribbon...be sure to post some pictures. :)

    The pasta, mango salad sounds yummy.

  2. stregata Says:

    Lovely cool colours in the bracelet. I just checked my thermometer - it is still 32° here - not quite as hot as you have it, but more than enough for me. And no rain in sight.

  3. kelleysbeads Says:

    Great bracelet & color choices!

    Crossing fingers you get your rain. We're forecasted to get get it every day next week. Hoping that will help cool things off a little.

  4. Cathryn Says:

    I love seeing your art Nicki--it's always interesting, controversial, or just danged pretty! I really like this bracelet and the coolness in the blues you've chosen are just the ticket!

    We're supposed to get rain today as well and I can't wait for it to cool things off a bit.

    Congratulations on Germany winning! At least I think that's what my husband said!

  5. Malin de Koning Says:

    What a great idea! I shall also make some cooling jewellery now. Your bracelet is very very nice! I Read on Stefanies boig that you have almost 100° fahrenheit. And she went to a metal course. Crazy!. We have 95°. That is 35° Celsius. It IS crazy hot. It is cooler inside than outside. My cat Charlie is clever. He placed himself on the floor on the middle spot of the house. Must be the coolest spot. Coz he never lays there otherwise. It is a pasing zone.