Chain made by M.E.

Now how cool is that. I made soldered chain. While I really really love chain with open links for assembling a piece, I have learned about the advantages of soldered chain with the baby that grabs every single piece of jewelry that I wear. That's why I recently went to making my own chain from wire, using links that won't open.

But today, I just wanted to use my Versaflame again, and I tried it, and I know I have not cleaned it yet, but it is CHAIN MADE BY ME.

And because I had so much fun, I tried some bezels for my next resin projects as well. There was a detailed explanation about soldering techniques in one of my new books, and see the results here. Not that messy anymore, right? Again, those have not been cleaned yet. Raw stuff. Well, second time, imagine how they will look when I did this 100 times. Seriously, I love doing this so much, having overcome my fear with torches (Thanks a ton, Stefanie), I could go to bezel mass production. Ok, I know I have to get a bit better at this. But this was fun.

And I wanted to really thank all of you for giving me so much encouragement the other day. That helped a lot. I just wish I could invite you to come over for a glass of wine tonight....

5 Response to "Chain made by M.E."

  1. Pretty Things Says:

    Awesome! I've soldered bezels, but never chain -- totally different process, I've been told.

  2. one-eared pig Says:

    I've soldered rings, but not a chain before (or bezels, lol). It sure is fun when it works out!

  3. Cathryn Says:

    Your post comes after I just asked my husband to help me learn how to solder. He's a welder and said he can teach me easy...Thank you for the encouragement Nicki--these are awe-inspiring!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    These look awesome. I can't wait to see how you fill them!

  5. Says:

    Yay for chains and bezels!
    You've done great!